January 22, 2007 08:02 ET

ZyLAB Workflow and Search & Retrieval Solutions Automate Key Business Processes for Global Greeting Card Retailer

ZyIMAGE Helps Clinton Cards Manage 30,000+ Invoices

VIENNA, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 22, 2007 -- ZyLAB, an innovative developer of Information Access Solutions, today announced that Clinton Cards, a global greeting card retailer with 7,000 employees and 770 retail outlets, has successfully implemented and is running ZyLAB's ZyIMAGE workflow and search & retrieval solutions. These solutions ensure that Clinton Cards 30,000+ paper invoices received annually are not lost as they are processed through the authorization process, a process which requires multiple signatures from a pool of 70 possible signatories.

Prior to implementing ZyIMAGE, the process for managing these invoices was manual. The manual system was plagued with problems. Each invoice requires up to three people to sign off -- with many based in remote locations. With nearly 70 signatories involved, invoices would get lost between departments causing frustration, wasted time and leading in some instances to missing out on prompt payment discounts. Clinton Cards has over 2,000 manual invoices floating in the system at any one time, and with a manual system it was difficult and time consuming to trace where an invoice was stuck. In addition, the company had a room the length of a football field to store all the paper filing cabinets.

Using ZyIMAGE, Clinton Cards now has a robust solution for managing the whole lifecycle of these invoices. All incoming invoices are scanned into the system (creating a digital copy of the original paper document), at which point the signatories are automatically notified in a chronological order about whether or not they want to approve and/or add comments to each invoice. Users receive an e-mail each day notifying them that they have invoices in need of processing.

"ZyLAB provided us with a solution to improve our overall operational efficiency at half the cost of the other vendors we spoke with during our research for a business process solution," said Paul Salador, Assistant Finance Director, Clinton Cards. "ZyIMAGE provides us with a system that enables us to easily distribute information to the designated signatories to their desktops. In addition, we can now find invoices in seconds and understand their exact status. And we no longer have a football field worth of paper!"

With the ZyLAB solution linked to the Clinton Cards ordering system, signatories can call up an original order to verify the accuracy of all related documents. In addition, the ZyLAB system seamlessly links to Clinton Cards accounting software. This link enables staff to view scanned images of order-related documentation. Moreover, the integration of the accounting software and ZyLAB systems means that as soon as the authorization process is complete, the invoice is automatically flagged as "approved," meaning it is available for payment. After payment, the paper invoice is destroyed.

"Clinton Cards has gained both a workflow and archiving and retrieval system that allows for information access in a matter of seconds and provides full audit trail capabilities that meet with full approval of global compliance requirements," said Johannes Scholtes, President of ZyLAB. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with Clinton Cards as we are now building a solution to support their human resources department manage the 7,000+ employee records."

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