May 23, 2016 08:00 ET

Zyme Unlocks the Power of Today's Channel Through Actionable Data Intelligence

Annual Global Channel Data Management Summit Highlights How Cutting-Edge Businesses Like GoPro, Microsoft and Seagate Harness the New Smart Channel

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwired - May 23, 2016) -  Zyme, the market leader in the rapidly growing discipline of channel data management (CDM), is uncovering a critical blind spot for enterprises that rely heavily on channel sales but lack insight into the activities of their partners, distributors and ultimately, customers. With a growing demand for channel data management, Zyme helps everyone, from marketing and sales to finance and supply chain management, benefit from the New Smart Channel.

The company's annual Global CDM Summit, which takes place on June 1 in San Jose, will highlight the growing movement for enterprises to gain actionable data intelligence from the channel. The summit will feature presentations from leading international businesses, including GoPro, Microsoft and Seagate, as well as industry experts such as Dr. Andrew R. Thomas, revealing the enormous costs of "channel blindness" and the way that timely, actionable channel data can create value across the organization.

Global Summit on the New Smart Channel Highlights the Power of Decision-Grade Data

As the pioneer and market leader in the channel data management space, Zyme is committed to helping enterprises understand and benefit from decision-grade channel visibility. Companies presenting at the Global CDM Summit will describe how they transformed channel sales with a unified platform that made decision-grade channel data and insights available to stakeholders across the organization.

For example, Seagate's session on "CDM and Partner Compliance," will explain how the company reformed its distribution channel to confront financial compliance issues and ultimately enabled data-driven decision-making capabilities and incentives for partners. A presentation from Microsoft on "Building A Case For CDM: Overcoming the Common Implementation Hurdles," will show how the company secured buy-in on CDM reform from key stakeholders, breaking down silos across the organization to open up new opportunities for collaboration and efficiency that benefited partners as well as internal business units.

To learn how to unlock the power of your channel data, join Zyme customers, partners and industry experts at the annual CDM conference:

Channel Data Management Summit 2016

8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, June 1

The Fairmont Hotel
170 South Market Street
San Jose, California

What Customers, Partners and Industry Experts Are Saying About Channel Data Management

  • "Companies are striving to move more products through the channel, with increasing emphasis on incentive payments, rebates and markdown agreements, but there's a huge gap when it comes to the underlying data that supports these programs. This results in billions of dollars that go into the channel completely untracked, not to mention missed opportunities for more effective, quantifiable sales and marketing initiatives."
    • Dr. Andrew R. Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Akron and Co-Author of The Customer Trap
  • "Getting accurate, timely and complete data from channel partners has traditionally been a major struggle for device-manufacturing enterprises. The evolution of channel data management technology has made it possible to leverage decision-grade channel data to guide critical business decisions in marketing, financial compliance and even supply chain management. For Microsoft, deploying a CDM platform not only reduced the volume of data submission errors, but also sped up reporting times, all with less time and effort from our internal team. At the Global CDM Summit, I will be discussing the instrumental steps taken to implement our CDM strategy, the challenges we faced, and how as a result, we were able to use our channel data acumen to make doing business with Microsoft easier and our partners' business more profitable."
    • Frank Martin, Senior Operations Program Manager 1st Party Devices, Microsoft
  • "We've been on a continuous journey to uncover new value through increased channel insight, and today channel data management is a key foundation for business decisions across the organization. What began for us as an accounting fix has expanded to become a platform that powers data-driven decisions in sales, marketing, rebates, supply chain management and countless other areas. Achieving meaningful channel visibility across all of our partners has empowered Seagate to constantly improve and adapt in a changing environment and market."
    • Shane L. Quigley, Director, Sales Operations, Seagate Technology
  • "To effectively design and manage a sales incentive program that aligns with a company's goals, you need real-time, accurate data. With limited access to channel data, indirect channel sales has traditionally lagged behind direct sales when it comes to performance compensation. By combining Xactly's solutions with Zyme's CDM platform, companies now have access to high-quality data across their indirect sales channels and are able to optimize their incentive strategies, accurately calculate compensation based on employee performance and understand the true ROI of their sales initiatives."
    • Justin Lane, Director, Strategic Services & Partner Marketing, Xactly Corp.

About Zyme
Zyme is the world's #1 cloud platform for the emerging channel data management (CDM) space. Zyme empowers the New Smart Channel™, a proven approach to acquiring actionable knowledge that manufacturers need to accelerate partner sales and optimize marketing program ROI. Zyme's flexible, cloud-based solutions facilitate enterprise-grade decisions and reporting compliance by responding to real-time, granular channel intelligence collected from a worldwide channel directory of more than 1.5 million partners. Benefits include better-targeted MDF, co-op and rebate programs, plus improved segmentation.

Industry leaders like Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Fujitsu, Plantronics, Honeywell, Xerox, Symantec, Lenovo, GoPro, Armstrong World Industries and Seagate rely on Zyme. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, Zyme has offices in India, Texas, China and the UK. For more information, visit

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