SOURCE: Zynamics GmbH

October 20, 2008 08:00 ET

Zynamics GmbH Announces Latest Versions of Malware Analysis Tools

Industry Leader Releases Newest Versions of BinDiff and BinNavi

BOCHUM, GERMANY--(Marketwire - October 20, 2008) - Zynamics GmbH announces the latest versions of their industry-leading malware analysis tools, BinDiff and BinNavi, and expanded product offering for VxClass automated malware analysis product.

Highlights of the new version of BinDiff include:

--  Significant improvements in comparison speed for large executables
--  Smoother & faster visualization for large flowgraphs
--  Porting of local variables and global symbols

Highlights of the new version of BinNavi include:

--  Support for cross-module and cross-address-space graphing
--  All-new plugin API: BinNavi can now be extended from Python, Ruby,
    ECMAScript, and Java
--  Tagging and namespaces for structuring large projects
--  First supported release of REIL, the Reverse Engineering Intermediate
    Language - a heavily reduced RISC-like assembly language to enable easier
    automation of code analysis tasks

"The tasks that the reverse engineer routinely faces keep growing in sophistication and complexity. From the proliferation of more sophisticated obfuscation schemes in malware, to the difficulties encountered when performing security evaluations of closed-source software, the reverse engineer's job is getting both wider and deeper in scope. The latest versions of BinDiff and BinNavi products provide our customers with increased productivity for high-priority tasks: Better comparison speed and symbol porting helps in gaining an edge when dealing with the flood of malware," said Thomas Dullien, CEO of Zynamics.

Dave Aitel, CTO of Immunity, a client of Zynamics, said, "BinDiff is an essential tool for any security engineer who wants to know exactly what a given patch does, or who wants to compare an unknown piece of malware against a known one."

"Analyzing complex software systems for which no source code is available has never been more important than today. From analyzing the flood of complex malware over re-engineering of legacy systems, to the analysis of commercial software for security properties, reverse engineers and malware analysis teams have never been busier. We provide a set of tools to automate much of the labor intensive processes," Thomas Dullien added.

About Zynamics GmbH

Zynamics is a leader in providing solutions to address the growing problem of analyzing, categorizing and fighting malware. Their customers include some of the largest commercial and government organizations in the world, such as British Telecom, German BSI, Bell Canada and COSEINC. Their products, BinDiff, BinNavi and VxClass are deployed at some of the largest government and commercial organizations in the world. For more information, visit

The Zynamics VxClass of automated malware analysis products is available in North America via Mansfield Sales Partners. For more information on Mansfield Sales Partners, please visit

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