6 Best Practices For Influencer Marketing

Getting the right people excited and talking about an organization's products or services has always been one of the best ways to improve brand recognition, expand customer base, and ultimately drive more sales.

How to Turn Your PR Content into Clickable, Shareable and Search-friendly Stories

It's time to stop focusing on what search engine optimization once was to the news release and, instead, concentrate on creating good stories with maximum sharing potential. Download this tip sheet to learn how to turn ordinary news into engaging content that people will find and share.

Five Tips to Socializing Your News Releases

Don't stop at simply socializing your website and company newsroom. Take the extra steps to socialize your news releases by applying the tips offered here. This will lead to greater brand recognition, better customer/stakeholder/influencer allegiance and easier sales.

5 Easy Steps to Great Online Communication

Today, successful online communications means staying abreast of who your audiences are and what they're talking about, and continually applying this new insight to future outreach. Download this helpful tip sheet and learn the five steps that help ensure your content keeps hitting the mark.

How to Get More Mileage Out Of Your News Release With Multimedia

Make your news releases more compelling and shareable by adding multimedia. Learn the tips for success, from selecting multimedia assets that support your objectives to formatting and naming your video and image files.

How Twitter and Hashtags Can Help Your PR and Marketing

One of the most effective ways companies and consumers can find each other on social media is through hashtags. Learn how to create and track hashtags to extend your brand's online reach and engagement.

Revenue-Generating News Releases

One of the powerful tools in the PR toolkit is the news release. When you optimize your news release program, it can have a big impact—helping you keep existing customers, reach new audiences, build valuable relationships with the media and other influencers, create brand advocates, and ultimately grow your business.

8 Steps to Search-Optimized Releases

Press releases are an important way for organizations of all sizes to build buzz and attract customers—as well as an overlooked tool to improve organic search ranking. Fortunately, taking advantage of real-time market insight and following SEO best practices will still boost search engine rankings.

The Road To Influence

You want to influence consumers to purchase your products or offerings. You want to influence an audience to think about issues important to you. But you have to find the right balance of being an influencer while aligning yourself with other parties who can help boost your influence.

Targeting Your Most Promising Investors

Targeting is the bread and butter of many IROs' responsibilities – the main way of attracting new investors or encouraging existing ones to increase their positions.

A Social Media Playbook for the IRO

For every IRO boasting a Twitter handle or vlog, there are scores of IR professionals at other public companies with "explore social media" listed perpetually on their to-do lists.